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Why would I use a cMT-SVR without a display?
Tags: Remote EasyAccess 2.0 cMT IIoT
A Maple Systems cMT-SVR with no display is a great solution if you need a gateway between your control system and the supervisor's office. Many MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management), and MRP (Material Requirements Planning) software does not support the myriad of communication drivers used in industrial PLCs, and therefore are unable to collect data directly from the plant floor.

However, most do support Modbus TCP/IP protocol since it is widely used, non-proprietary, and openly available. Add a cMT-SVR to your control system, using one of the Ethernet ports to connect it to the corporate LAN. The cMT-SVR will collect data from the plant floor, translate it to Modbus and send it to the office computer.
Content Created by David Franzwa