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How to Set the RTC in an HMC
Tags: FAQ IEC Ladder Logic

There is a STARTUP demo project for the HMC models in the MAPware-7000/Projects folder (C:\MapleSystems\MAPware-7000\Projects) that can be used to set the Real-Time Clock (RTC) in the HMC.

Open the “HMCxxxxA-M STARTUP.mpl” demo project for your particular model and download it to the HMC. Tap the startup screen to go to the next screen, then tap the “Set RTC” button to pop up the “Set Real-Time Clock” window.

You can use the “Import Screen” option in MAPware-7000 (Screen menu > Import Screen) to copy the “SetRTC” popup screen from the demo project into your own project, if desired.

Content Created by David Franzwa