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What is the difference between a compiled project and a compressed project in EBPro?
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An EBPro project file is saved with a *.emtp extension (*.cmtp for CMT Series). This is the development project that can be opened and edited in EBPro.

Before you can download a project to an HMI, the project must be compiled. The compiler creates a new file with a *.exob (*.cxob for CMT Series). This is a binary file with all the graphics and data embedded in the file. A compiled project file can be decompiled in EBPro (File menu > Decompile) to extract the project file and create new library files for the embedded graphics.

A compressed project file is created by the Compress utility in EBPro (File menu > Compress/Uncompress). This bundles the project file (*.emtp/*.cmtp) with the library files that are linked to the project and creates a new file with a *.ecmp (*.ccmp for CMT Series). A compressed project file can be uncompressed in EBPro to extract the project file and the library files.

The compressed project file is the best way to archive your project when you are finished with it. It is also the best way to send your project file to someone using a different computer so that none of the graphic files get lost. This is especially important if you have created custom libraries using your own graphics.

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