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Displaying Pictures in the Picture View Object
Tags: FAQ Objects

The Picture View Object will automatically resize a picture to fit within its borders. There is an option for “Display with original size when a picture is smaller than the object size” on the Outline tab in the Picture View Object’s Properties: 

 If the size of the picture is smaller than the Picture View Object, this setting will display the picture in its original size and helps to prevent distortion caused by enlarging the picture.

Note that there is a limit to how large the original graphic picture can be before the HMI can no longer resize the picture. The picture can be no larger than twice the size of the HMI screen or the HMI will not be able to display the picture.

For example, if the HMI screen is 800x480 pixels, the picture can be no larger than 1600x960 pixels or the Picture View Object will display this graphic:

Supported picture formats are: .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png.

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