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Converting from a RMI5001 to a cMT-FHDX-820
Tags: cMT Legacy cMT Remote Software Upgrade

Converting from your RMI5001 is quick and easy, giving you several key hardware and software upgrades along the way.


Below is a quick video showing you the easy process of converting your current RMI5001 project to one that can be used in the cMT-FHDX-820. This process will need to be completed using EBPro version or later.

There are a few software features which are different, or new, for your cMT-FHDX-820 compared to your old RMI5001.

  • The cMT-FHDX-820 can have a custom resolution configured all the way up to 1920x1080, which is the default
  • Layered objects are not supported
  • General mode security is disabled
  • System keypads are built-in
  • Some objects have new, or different, settings

For a more detailed look at the software differences please take a look at both products through our Compared Models tool on our website linked below:

RMI5001 vs cMT-FHDX-820


Below you will find a table that shows the hardware differences between the RMI5001 and the cMT-FHDX-820.

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