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Recipe Database vs. Recipe Database Editor
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When you create a recipe database in EBPro, the recipe data is actually stored in the EBPro project. You can view and edit the recipe data by opening the Recipe Database (under the Data/History menu) and clicking on the Data tab.

If you make changes to the recipe database in the HMI, the changes are stored in the recipe.db file in the HMI. You can upload the recipe.db file from the HMI using the Utility Manager and view it using the Recipe Database Editor under the Tool menu in EBPro.

 Save this recipe.db file if you want to archive the changes made in the HMI. If the project in the HMI gets erased for some reason, you can restore the recipe.db by downloading it to the HMI along with the project file using the Utility Manager.

Note that if you upload the project file from the HMI after making changes to the recipe database in the HMI, the uploaded file will still contain the original recipe data contained in the project that was downloaded to the HMI. Any changes that are made in the HMI are stored in the recipe.db file, not in the CXOB project file.

If you want to update the recipe data in the EBPro project file with the changes that were made in the HMI, you will have to do it manually by opening the Recipe Database in the EBPro project and opening the uploaded recipe.db file in the Recipe Database Editor and copying the changes from the Recipe Database Editor to the Recipe Database in the project.

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