Product Overview
Learn more about all our product lines: HMIs, Smart cMT Series, HMI+PLCs, Industrial PCs, and our PLCs
Basic HMI Introduction
Learn more about how our Basic HMI series offers a great solution for organizations focused on cost-driven and OEM-related projects. Maple's Basic HMIs provide standard HMI features and solid performance at the lowest price.
HMI Series Introductions
Advanced HMI Introduction
Learn more about Maple's Advanced HMI series which offers enhanced software features such as remote access, data handling, security, recipe management, email notifications, and more. The Advanced HMI series offers display sizes from 4.3" to 15", plus many more options to support your controls needs.
cMT HMI Introduction
The cMT HMI series is designed to meet the expanding need for new ways to connect to equipment, while preserving the core functions of a fixed operator terminal. Learn more about how our cMT HMIs make it easy to monitor/control industrial processes from remote devices including PCs, smart phones, and tablets.
EZwarePlus Quick Start Guides Cart
Quick Start:
Part 1 – Introduction and Installation
In this video, we go over the scope of the Quick Start Guide and show you how to download and install the EZwarePlus demo version.
Quick Start:
Part 2 – Create a Project
In part 2 of this video series, we create our first project in EZwarePlus and examine the programming environment.
Quick Start:
Part 3 – Creating Windows
In part 3 of the video series, we explore EZware's organization structure and create windows to be used in our project.
Quick Start:
Part 4 – Creating Static Elements
In part 4 of the video series, we add static display elements to the project, picture and text objects, and set underlay windows.
Quick Start:
Part 5 – Creating Digital Objects
In part 5 of the video series, we learn how to display digital objects, bit lamps, and set bit buttons.
Quick Start:
Part 6 – Create and Group Analog Objects
In part 6 of the video series, we tackle analog objects and groupings by adding numeric inputs, bar graphs, and a date/time object.
Quick Start:
Part 7 – Simulation Mode
In part 7 of the video series, we show how to simulate the final project with the offline simulation feature.
PLC Setup and Configuration
This video explains how to set up a Maple Systems HMI to communicate with a PLC. It also shows where to locate the necessary documentation for the process.
Modbus Gateway Project Setup
Watch this short video on how to setup a Maple Systems HMI as a Modbus TCP/IP Gateway.
PLC No Response, What Could be Wrong?
This video explains what can cause the PLC a "No Response" error message and shows you how to troubleshoot the issue.
Ethernet Download
This video illustrates the process for downloading project files to a Maple Systems HMI over Ethernet.
USB Stick or SD Card (Remote) Download
This video explains how to create and load project files to a Maple Systems HMI via a USB drive or SD card for remote download.
Remote Access
EasyAccess 2.0 Overview
EasyAccess 2.0 allows you to remotely connect to Maple Systems HMIs and connected PLCs in the field for in-depth troubleshooting and monitoring. This video overview goes over the features and benefits of EasyAccess 2.0. For a more detailed explanation, please download our EasyAccess 2.0 Manual.
VNC Control
Maple Systems HMIs have a built in VNC Server for remote access with any available VNC client application for your laptop/PC or smart device. This video goes through the basic setup of the server.
Alarm Setup and Configuration
This video demonstrates how to set up and configure Alarm Data in a Maple Systems HMI.
Data Handling
Sample Data and Trending
This video explains how to create a data sampling object and trend display.
Assign a New HMI to Your EasyAccess 2.0
This video shows you how to add a new HMI to your EasyAccess 2.0 domain. For a more detailed explanation, please download our EasyAccess 2.0 Manual.
This video covers the configuration of the enhanced recipes database and creation of a project that uses recipes.
This video covers how to enable and configure the email feature of our Advanced and Smart HMI series products, which allow you to send an email when an alarm or event is triggered.
Data Transfer
This video demonstrates how the Data Transfer object works, which is useful for transferring data from one PLC to another, or for moving data into retentive registers. The sample project used in this video can be downloaded [here].
Basic Security
This video demonstrates the security features in our HMIs and explains how to configure basic security in our easy-to-use configuration software.
Enhanced Security
This video covers the implementation and use of the enhanced security features.
Intellectual Property
This video explains how to prevent unauthorized modification to proprietary projects.
Customizing the Display
Adding Objects
This video covers adding objects to a project. It also covers configuring addresses to read and write to registers in the HMI or PLC.
Customize Your HMI
This video explains how to add custom graphics and startup screens to your HMI.
Note: Not all features are available on all models. Videos that reference EZware5000 (deprecated) are still applicable to EZwarePlus.