HMC7000 Series

Programmable Logic Controller + Touchscreen HMI






 Vivid LCD displays in various sizes

 Touchscreen (3.5", 4.3", 5.7" & 7" models)
and available function key input

 Expandable with up to five I/O modules

 Simple ladder logic programming

 Easy-to-use MAPware configuration software

 Serial Ports (RS-232/422/485) & USB

 Compact form factor

Maple’s HMC product line offers a wide selection of digital and analog input and output modules to provide maximum flexibility when configuring your system.

HMC Advantages

Plug-in I/O

Important Features of HMC7000 Series

Controller and HMI in one compact Package:

The HMC merges the entire functionality of a Controller and an HMI into one unit. It provides visual feedback and direct access of automation control systems on the factory floor, or anywhere an operator interface is needed. The HMC7000 Series connects to various input devices (pushbuttons, proximity switches, sensors) and output devices (actuators, motors, valves) using a modular or built-in I/O that is controlled using an internal program. This all-in-one control solution eliminates the need to purchase a separate HMI and PLC.

 PLC and HMI in one unit!

 Customizable from 1 to 80 I/O

 Class I Div 2 for use in Hazardous environments

 One software environment for the HMI and Controller - Program in half the time!





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