Maple Systems IIoT

Remote Access Overview 

Maple Systems offers the ability to remotely monitor and control a Maple HMI and connected PLC from anywhere in the world – from an operator using an iPhone on the plant floor, to a corporate executive on the other side of the planet. With apps for Apple, Android, and the Windows operating system, Maple Systems products integrate perfectly with a wide variety of smart phones, tablets, and PCs, making it easier than ever to connect to operational equipment in the field. Achieve secure connections, increased monitoring mobility, and reduced downtime to increase your organization's bottom line.

To help you get started, we've illustrated several ways in which Maple Systems can help you achieve the remote access you want. For more information on these solutions, contact our sales team at or call us at 425-745-3229.

cMT Viewer 

cMT Viewer is a client application that enables users to view and control cMT devices, quickly and easily. cMT Viewer runs the HMI project on the client device. Only application data is exchanged between the cMT hardware, acting as a server, and the client device – your smart phone or tablet. Monitor and control up to 50 cMT HMIs with one device! Note: cMT Viewer is only compatible with cMT HMIs.

EasyAccess 2.0 

EasyAccess 2.0 allows you to instantly and securely communicate with your Maple Advanced HMI or cMT series HMI from anywhere in the world. Accessibility from outside the plant provides the opportunity to troubleshoot or add new features to the HMI/PLC program by qualified personnel without ever leaving company headquarters. An administrator grants access to specific HMIs and groups, and traffic is encrypted and secured with VPN. Remote troubleshooting saves money by reducing downtime, travel, and personnel costs. Note: EasyAccess 2.0 requires an activation card.


Maple Systems Advanced and cMT series HMIs come with a built in VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server. Any third party VNC viewer client can log into a Maple HMI to see and control exactly what's shown on the HMI screen. Configurable options on the Maple HMI include: set a password, enable monitor mode (view only - no control), allow single connection or multiple connections. Note: HMI IP address required for VNC access. VNC client applications for many different platforms are available online.