HMI Accessories
Wi-Fi Expansion Module with Antenna


Pairs with cMT3102X

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Power Supply, Single Output, DIN Rail, 24VDC, 1.7A
Power Supply, Single Output, DIN Rail, 24VDC, 2.5A
Cable, CAT5E Ethernet, 5'
Photo of CAT5E Ethernet cable


For all products with Ethernet.

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Cable, CAT5E Ethernet, Crossover, 5'


For all products with Ethernet.

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Need Custom Cables?
Custom Communication Cable

We offer custom communication cables to interface with over 300 protocols. Call us or see our Support Center for more details.

Connecting a Maple Systems HMI to a Maple Systems PLC couldn't get easier

Whether you are new to Maple Systems or are familiar with our HMIs, pairing one of our powerful HMIs with a Maple Systems PLC is easy.

Our fully functional, low-cost PLCs with built-in I/O offer you the ability to add control functionality to your project and maintain your Maple Systems HMI. These powerful units are fully functional PLCs with digital and analog I/O that support high-speed counters and PWM (pulse width modulation). Analog I/O options support several voltage and current modes as well as RTD (resistance temperature detection) and thermocouple sensors to measure temperature.

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Connecting a Maple Systems HMI to a Maple Systems PLC couldn't get easier


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) are systems that include various devices that allow users to monitor, control, and optimize industrial processes. SCADA systems can include different combinations of devices such as PLCs, Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), monitors , databases, and more, to solve automation challenges.

PLCs in SCADA systems play an integral role by acting as intermediary between field devices and the connected system. PLC can receive input from sensors and send commands to actuators based on predefined logic while also sending and receiving information from other devices within the system.

A basic SCADA system that can be seen in small-medium scale operations is an HMI-PLC system. This system allows an operator to monitor and respond to the real-time status of the PLC, and the corresponding field devices, by way of the HMI's interface. In real world application this can give a water treatment operator the ability to remotely shut down a pump for maintenance, check the status of a sensor, and/or stop operation all together in the case of an emergency.

Learn More About SCADA Systems
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Class I, Division 2 HMIs

Maple Systems offers Class I Div 2 certified HMIs designed to keep operators and their environment safe

Any electronics being used in a potentially dangerous environment or around flammable hazards must be C1D2 certified to prevent dangerous explosions and ensure worker safety - and we have solutions to meet this strict requirement.

Our popular C1D2 HMIs are used in industries including oil and gas, mining, painting, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food processing, and more.

Explore Class I Div 2 HMIs
Class I, Division 2 HMIs
Headless HMIs

Headless HMI

Our headless HMIs are perfect for systems where a fixed visual interface is not needed

These powerful HMIs are DIN rail mounted without a built-in display that allow you to monitor PLC operations, gather data, and remotely access your control system on your Apple/Android smart phone, or your own tablet/laptop/PC. Our HDMI®-enabled HMI works with screens of any size, making screen size no longer a limitation in your application.

Explore Headless HMIs

HMI + Remote I/O + CODESYS

Combine the power of CODESYS with one of our CODESYS capable HMIs and Modular IO to create an innovative control solution that can tackle the most demanding applications

This unique architecture saves time, hardware cost, communication cabling, and valuable control cabinet real estate, without compromising on the CPU resources real time applications require. CODESYS provides a control solution that is one of the most complete implementations of the IEC 61131-3 standard for PLC software on the market. We offer several innovative hardware solutions serving as the perfect platform for your CODESYS HMI or PLC project.

Explore our CODESYS solutions
HMI + Remote I/O + CODESYS
Headless HMIs

High Brightness HMI

Create a high-brightness HMI by pairing our HDMI-enabled headless HMI with one of our high brightness industrial monitors

Our high brightness/sunlight readable projected capacitive touchscreen monitors with 1000nits are ideal for applications in Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Finance/Banking, Education, Gaming/Entertainment, Home Automation, Retail, and Transportation, and pair easily with our HDMI-enabled headless HMI. The projected capacitive technology allows use with any type of gloves.

Explore High Brightness HMIs

Wi-Fi enabled HMIs

These powerful HMIs are ideal for mobile applications, remote monitoring, and device maintenance

The HMI Wi-Fi access point allows smartphones or laptops to wirelessly connect to HMI allowing monitoring and maintenance of the HMI through your connected device. The Wi-Fi access feature can be easily enabled from a browser or on the HMI.

If a fixed display is required, adding our wifi expansion module to a wifi-supported HMI creates a flexible connectivity solution consolidated into a single package

Explore our Wi-Fi HMI
Wi-Fi enabled HMIs
Andon Production Display System

Create an Andon Station

The size of your HMI screen is no longer restricted – you can now display your real-time production data on a large, wall-mounted Status Display Station or Andon, easily visible from any plant floor location

Our HDMI-enabled unit is a powerful HMI with no display that converts any compatible TV or monitor into an Andon or Status Display Station. All HMI data and screens are displayed on an HDMI®-compatible monitor. This model divides the traditional all-in-one HMI into two, distinct parts: A data-processing unit and a separate visual display.

Explore our HDMI-enabled HMIs

User Friendly HMI Configuration Software

Free, powerful HMI configuration software for our HMIs provides the flexibility to create and deploy custom control applications suited to your unique industrial process. With support for over 300 PLC & controller communication protocols, EBPro enables our HMIs to seamlessly integrate with your new or existing system.

User Friendly HMI Configuration Software

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Connectivity

With over 300 PLC & Controller communication protocols, these HMIs will easily integrate with your preferred PLC brands, including:

...and many more

Compatible PLCs

Select your preferred PLC brand from the list below for more information on how it can seamlessly integrate with Maple Systems HMIs.

ASCII Any products that use the simple ASCII communications format.
ABB NextMove ES
ABB TotalFlow FCU
Acroloop Motion Controllers
Aerotech Motion Controllers (Serial)
Aerotech Motion Controllers (Ethernet)
Aerotech Modbus RTU
Allen-Bradley CompactLogix, ControlLogix, DriveLogix (EtherNet/IP) - Free Tags
Allen-Bradley CompactLogix, ControlLogix, FlexLogix (Serial) - Free Tags
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexoLogix (DF1 Serial)
Allen-Bradley CompactLogix (Serial)
Allen-Bradley SLC500 & MicroLogix 1000, 1100, 1200, 1400 & 1500 Series ( EtherNet/IP - DF1)
Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000, 1100, 1200 & 1500 Series (1761-NET-ENI)
Allen-Bradley SLC500 and MicroLogix (DF1 CRC Checksum)
Allen-Bradley SLC500 and MicroLogix (DF1 BCC CheckSum)
Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000, 1200, 1500 & SLC500 Series (DH485)
Allen-Bradley Micro800
Allen-Bradley Micro820/850
Allen-Bradley Micro820/830/850
(CIP Serial)
Allen-Bradley SLC 500 (DH485)
Allen-Bradley PLC-5/xxE Series (Ethernet)
Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Family (DF1 Serial)
Allen-Bradley Legacy CompactLogix, ControlLogix, FlexLogix (EtherNet/IP)
Allen-Bradley Legacy CompactLogix, ControlLogix, FlexLogix (EtherNet/IP) - Free Tag Names
Animatics SmartMotor (Class 4), RTC
Animatics SmartMotor (Class 5)
Applied Motion Products Q Series Controllers
Applied Motion Products Q-E Series Controllers
Arcus DMX-K-SA Series
Automation Direct
Productivity 3000
Automation Direct
Productivity 3000 (Ethernet)
BACnet BACnet IP Client
BACnet BACnet IP Server
BACnet Any device that supports BACnet IP (LEGACY)
Baldor Flex Drive II
Baldor Flex+ Drive II
Baldor MicroFlex
Baldor MicroFlex e100
Baldor MintDrive II Series
Baldor NextMove e100
Baldor NextMove ESB-2
Bardac Smarty Controller
Beckhoff Beckhoff ADS/AMS (Ethernet)
Beckhoff BC9000 (Modbus, TCP/IP)
Beckhoff Embedded PC
Beckhoff TwinCat (TCP/IP, Ethernet)
Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC (Ethernet)
Beckhoff TwinCAT 3 ADS/AMS (Ethernet)
Bosch Rexroth
Bosch Rexroth SIS (Symbolic Addressing)
Bosch Rexroth SIS (Absolute Addressing)
Bristol Babcock Network 3000
(Modbus RTU Master, serial)
Bristol Babcock ControlWave, Control Wave Micro
Cal Controls CALogix
(Modbus RTU Master, serial)
Any slave device using CAN Open
CoDeSys Automation Alliance
CoDeSys V2 (Absolute Addressing) (Ethernet)
CoDeSys V2 (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)
CoDeSys V2 (Symbolic Addressing) (Serial)
CoDeSys V3 (Ethernet)
Compumotor 6000, 6K Series
Gemini GV6 Series
Control Microsystems SCADAPack Series
(Modbus RTU Master, Serial)
Control Technology Corporation Automation Control Series
Control Technology Corporation Automation Control Series (Ethernet)
Control Technology Corporation 2500 Series (Ethernet)
Control Technology Corporation 2500 Series (Serial)
Controller Area Network (CAN) for the HMI5000P Series/EZwarePlus Only Any slave device using CAN Open
Copley Controls Digital Drives
Copley Xenus Xenus, Xenus Micro, Accelnet, Accelnet Micro, Stepnet Series
Crouzet CD-12
Crouzet M3 (FBD)
Crouzet M3 (LAD)
Danaher Motion Controllers
Danfoss ECL Apex 20
Danfoss ECL Apex 20 (Ethernet)
Danfoss FC Series
Danfoss VLT2800 Series
Delta Products (AS Series) Ethernet/IP
Delta Products AS300 (Modbus TCP/IP or RTU Protocol)
Delta Products DVP Series
Delta Products DVPEN01-SL (Ethernet)
Electric Motor Systems See Yaskawa
Electro-Craft IQ-Series
Emerson / Control Techniques SI – Ethernet
Emerson Motion Control ControlWave Micro
(BSAP Ethernet) � Free Tags
Emerson Motion Control Axima Controllers
(Modbus RTU Master, Serial)
Emerson Motion Control EN Drives
(Modbus RTU Master, Serial)
Emerson Motion Control Epsilon Drives
(Modbus RTU Master, Serial)
Emerson Motion Control Axima 2000/4000 w/ CP card - EN Series
Emerson Motion Control Digitax ST Servo Motor
Emerson Motion Control ROC 800
Emerson NetworkPower EC20 Controller
Entertron Industries Programmable Controllers
(Modbus RTU Master, Serial)
Eurotherm Modbus Mini8
Fatek FB Series
Festo Controllers
Festo Controllers (Ethernet)
Fuji PGX-4
Galil DMC Series
PAC Systems RX3i
PAC Systems RX3i (Ethernet)
CMM Communication
Fanuc 0i-TD Series
(Modbus TCP, Ethernet)
Series 90-30
(SRTP, Ethernet)
Series 90-30
(SNP, Ethernet)
Series 90
(SNP, Serial)
Series 90 Micro
(SNP, Serial)
(SNP, Serial)
Giddings & Lewis MMC
(Modbus RTU Master, Serial)
Giddings & Lewis PiC Family
(Modbus RTU Master, Serial)
Hitachi H Series
IAI X-SEL Controller
Idec Micro³, MicroSmart & OpenNet
Idec MicroSmart & SmartAxis series
Idec OpenNet
Industrial Control Links ICL-4100 Series
(Modbus RTU Master, Serial)
Industrial Control Links ICL-4200 Series
(Modbus RTU Master, Serial)
Industrial Control Links ICL-4300 Series
(Modbus RTU Master, Serial)
Industrial Indexing Systems Emerald EMC-2100™ Series
Luminary LMC-400 Series
Intelligent Motion Systems LYNX
(not compatible with MicroLYNX)
International Parallel Machines IPM Series
(Modbus RTU Master, Serial)
Keyence KV Series
Keyence KV-L20V/700/1000/3000/
5000 Series (KV Studio Mode)
Nano Series (KV Studio Mode)
Keyence KV1000 Series
Keyence KV3000 Series
Keyence KV5000 Series (Ethernet)
Click (Ethernet)  
DL Series (Ethernet)
DL05 Series
DL06 Series
DL105 Series
DL205 Series
DL305 Series (D3-330, D3-340)
DL305 (D3-350)
DL405 Series
Do-more (Ethernet)
Do-more (Serial)
Lenze 8200/9300 Series
LG Master K 300S Series
LG Master K Series
Matsushita See Panasonic
Mitsubishi A Series
Mitsubishi A1S Series
Mitsubishi A3N/A1SH Series
Mitsubishi A2US Series
Mitsubishi A2A Series
Mitsubishi Alpha 2   
Mitsubishi FX1S
Mitsubishi FX1N
Mitsubishi FX2N
Mitsubishi FX2N-10GM/20GM
Mitsubishi FX3U, FX3UC, FX3G, FX3S
Mitsubishi FX3U & FX3G (Ethernet)
Mitsubishi FX5U/FX5UC
Mitsubishi FX5U (Ethernet)
Mitsubishi FX5U ASCII Mode (Ethernet)
Mitsubishi FX Series
Mitsubishi MELSEC FX & FX2C
Mitsubishi MELSEC FX0
Mitsubishi MELSEC FX0S
Mitsubishi MELSEC FX0N
Mitsubishi MELSEC FX2N
Mitsubishi MR J3/J4A
Mitsubishi MR-MQ100 Series (Ethernet)
Mitsubishi Q Series (Serial)
Mitsubishi Q/L Series (Ethernet)
Mitsubishi Q06H Series
Mitsubishi Q02H Series
Mitsubishi Q00J Series
Mitsubishi R04 (Ethernet)
Modbus ASCII Products that use the Modbus ASCII communications format.
Modbus ASCII Slave Products that use the Modbus ASCII Slave communications format.
Modbus RTU Master Products that use the Modbus RTU communications format.
Modbus RTU Slave Products that use the Modbus RTU communications format.
Modbus TCP 32-bit Products that use the Modbus TCP 32-bit communications format.
Modbus TCP Slave Products that use the Modbus TCP communications format.
Modbus TCP Master Products that use Modbus TCP/IP protocol
Modicon (Schneider Electric) 984 Series
Modicon (Schneider Electric) Compact
Modicon (Schneider Electric) IMS MOTION
Modicon (Schneider Electric) IMS SERVO
Modicon (Schneider Electric) M221 (Modbus RTU) Ethernet
Modicon (Schneider Electric) M221 (Modbus RTU) Serial
Modicon (Schneider Electric) Micro
Modicon (Schneider Electric) Momentum
Modicon (Schneider Electric) Square D SY/Max
Modicon (Schneider Electric) TSX Nano
Modicon (Schneider Electric) TSX Quantum
Modicon (Schneider Electric) Twido
Moeller PS4 Series (Sucom 1)
Moeller XC-CPU101
Motorola RTU MOSCAD Lite
NAiS See Panasonic
NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) 0183
ODVA Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) over EtherNet/IP
Omron Ethernet/IP (NJ/NX Series)
Omron FINS/TCP (Ethernet)
Omron SYSMAC C-Series
(HostLink, Serial)
Omron CQM1
(HostLink, Serial)
Omron Inverters
Omron CQM1H
(HostLink, Serial)
Omron CP Series USB
CPIE CPU Module USB Port
Omron CPM1
(HostLink, Serial)
Omron CS/CJ Series (FINS, Ethernet)
Omron CS/CJ Series, CJ Series, CP Series + Ethernet Module (Ethernet FINS/UDP)
Omron CS/CJ Series (HostLink, Serial)
Omron CS1/CJ1 Series (FINS,Ethernet)
Omron CP1L & CP1H (HostLink, Serial)
Omron E5CN Series
Omron Host Link
Omron SRM1 (HostLink, Serial)
Opto22 PAC (Ethernet) – CONT Protocol
Opto22 PAC (Ethernet) – MMIO Protocol
Pacific Scientific Indexers/Drives
Pacific Scientific Servos
Pacific Scientific PC830 Series
Eco-Power Meters
FP Series (Ethernet)
FP0 Series
FP1 Series
FP2 Series
FP2 Series (Ethernet)
FP3 Series
FP10SH Series
FPM Series
FPX Series (Ethernet)
MEWTOCOL7 driver
Minas A4 Series
Parker Motion SLVD Series
Parker Motion ACR9000 Series
Parker Motion Compax3
Parker Hannifin See Compumotor
QuickSilver SilverMax S Series
SAF Drives & Automation OEM SAFphire
Saftronics See Yaskawa
Samsung NX7 & SPC10 PLCs
Schneider Electric See Modicon and Telemecanique
Sick Flexi Soft
Siemens Logo
Siemens S5 Series
Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Absolute Addressing)
Siemens S7-200 Series
Siemens S7-200 Series (Ethernet)
Siemens S7-200 PPI
Siemens S7-200 Any VD Address
Siemens S7-200 SMART Ethernet
Siemens S7-200 SMART (PPI)
Siemens S7-300 Series MPI (187.5 Support)
Siemens S7-300 Series (MPI adapter cable)
Siemens S7-300 Series (Ethernet)
Siemens S7-400 Series (Ethernet)
Siemens S7-1200/1500 (Symbolic Addressing)(Ethernet)
Siemens SIMATIC TI305 Series
Siemens SIMATIC TI405 Series
Siemens SIMATIC TI505 Series
Siemens TI505 (Ethernet)
SIMATIC TI565 Series CTI 2500 - C400
Superior Electric Motion Controllers
Superior Electric Motion Controllers
Telemecanique (Schneider Electric) TSX Nano
(Uni-tel way, Serial)
Telemecanique (Schneider Electric) TSX Nano (Modbus RTU, Serial)
Texmate Controllers
Thomson Industries Motion Controllers
Tolomatic Axidyne, AxiomPlus PV Series
Servo Controller/Drive
Toshiba Link Port
Toshiba Inverters
Toshiba Machine Provisor TC200
Toshiba T Series
Toshiba VF Series
TrioMotion Technology Motion Coordinator Controller (Mode 4) (Serial or Ethernet)
TrioMotion Technology Motion Coordinator Controller (Mode 7) (Serial or Ethernet)
Twido PLC's
Unitelway PLC's
Wago System 750
Wago 75-842
Watlow Electric CAS200
Watlow Electric CLS200
Watlow Electric CPC400
Watlow Electric MLS300
Watlow Electric PPC2000
Westinghouse 500 Series
Whedco IMC, IMJ and S2K Series
Yaskawa Electric DX100, DX200, FS100, YRC1000 Controllers
Yaskawa Electric FSP
Yaskawa Electric G5 Drives
Yaskawa Electric MP Series
Yaskawa Electric MP Series SIO (Extension)
Yaskawa Electric MP Series Ethernet
Yaskawa Electric MP Series Memobus (Ethernet)
Yaskawa Electric MP2300Siec (EthernetIP - HMI as Scanner)
Yaskawa Electric Magnetek
Yaskawa Electric Sigma-5
Yaskawa Electric VG5 Modbus Drives
Yaskawa Electric SMC
Yokogawa FA-M3 Series
Yokogawa FA-M3 Series (Ethernet)

Customize your HMI, HMI+PLC, or PC

Highlight your brand and differentiate your machine with a custom label

Company branding is a significant aspect of business marketing. By using custom labels on your products, you can create an identity to gain recognition from customers and potential buyers. It helps consumers recognize that the product was made by your company. Having this type of brand recognition can help your business stand out from competitors.

Our Custom Labels:
  • Fit Your Product Perfectly
  • Offer Professional-Looking Packaging
  • Strengthens Your Marketing Efforts
  • Provides an Identity to Your Business
Add Your Custom Labels
Custom Labels
Photo: Free HMI Design Guide
Photo: Free HMI Design Guide

In this exclusive Design Guide, we review the types of HMIs — as well as their basic functions and new and emerging HMI functions and connectivity options. The role of HMIs in IIoT operations and the trend towards standardization (for both open source and proprietary setups) is also covered.

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