What is OPC UA?

Maple Systems is proud to announce support for OPC UA to enable a simple and effective solution for users requiring communication between on-site machines and upper layer management / SCADA systems. This proven technology is easy to implement and well supported by SCADA and enterprise management software. The OPC UA feature allows users to leverage our extensive library of protocol drivers to connect new or existing equipment to a secure, reliable management network.

OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is the next generation of OPC, featuring cross-platform interoperability, high security, and proven reliability. Developed by the OPC Foundation, it is a machine to machine communication protocol for the industrial automation industry and retains all the core functions of OPC, effectively reducing the cost of system integration and allowing for data transfer between the onsite machines and upper layer management systems while still being firewall friendly.

Our Light Industrial Panel PCs running InduSoft Web Studio can be used as supervisory stations, connecting to many OPC UA servers on a factory floor and creating a factory wide integrated control system, regardless of the underlying equipment used at the machine level.

The cMT HMI series can be configured as an OPC UA server. The OPC UA server feature is included in the cMT-G01, cMT-G02, cMT3072, cMT3090, cMT3151, and cMT-SVR-OPCUA models, and is available as an add-on option for existing cMT-SVR installations. Contact our sales department: sales@maplesystems.com for more information and pricing.

In this architecture, our cMT Smart HMIs are not just for operating machines and collecting/managing data, but also play a key role in the IIoT as a communication gateway. The upper management layer can use OPC UA clients from vendors such as Kepware, InduSoft, Inductive Automation, Wonderware, etc., to connect with a cMT HMI configured as an OPC UA server, through it allowing access to more than 300 brands of PLC and controllers.

Pairing this feature with other cMT features such as EasyAccess 2.0, email alarm notifications, and MySQL database integration, users can create a responsive and dynamic system with minimal equipment costs.

OPC UA Features:
  • Cross-Platform: OPC UA uses standard TCP/IP to communicate, enabling OPC UA clients to operate on Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.

  • High Security: OPC UA uses certificates to authenticate clients and encryption to protect the connection. This ensures that your data is protected and maintains confidentiality and integrity.

  • High Reliability: OPC UA uses configurable timeout settings, error checking, and allows for automatic recovery from communication failures.

  • Tag Structure: OPC UA transmits all available tags on connection which can be clearly displayed and browsed, freeing you from memorizing addresses.

  • Subscribe Mechanism: OPC UA clients can subscribe to tag addresses to receive real-time updates from the cMT OPC UA server when data on the factory machine changes.

If you're ready to put this powerful new feature to work in your system, check out our OPC UA Setup Overview. This guide gives simple steps to configure a cMT OPC UA server to connect to a Web Studio SCADA project.


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