Can this HMI communicate with my PLC?

What kind of communication ports are available?

I have pre-existing tags that I use for device communication. Can I import my tags into EasyBuilder Pro?

I need to use an IP camera or other peripherals in my project. Do Maple Systems HMIs support these devices?

I’ve never used EasyBuilder Pro before. How long will it take me to learn how to program my HMI?

Can I simulate my project to test functionality before I buy?

This HMI will be installed outside of my local area. Can I access my HMI from a remote location?

Can Maple Systems HMIs store and use recipe data?

Can this HMI handle data collection and logging?

Can I use a Maple HMI to monitor events and trigger alarms?

What kind of security features does EBPro offer?

What is the upfront cost of buying an HMI?

Do I need to pay an additional license fee to activate features on my HMI?

Are there any ongoing licensing costs or subscription charges I should be aware of?

I have specific size requirements. Do you have an HMI that will work for me?

Can this HMI withstand the conditions that exist at my worksite?

Can I add custom branding to my HMI?

Where can I find support documentation for my HMI?

Does Maple Systems offer technical support?

Do Maple Systems HMIs come with a warranty?