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Case Study

Stainless Steel Industrial PCs

The Stainless Steel enclosure makes this Industrial Panel PC the right choice for the food and beverage industry

Industry: Dairy / Agriculture Industry
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Company Size: 90+ people

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Project History

Maple System’s customer is a leading OEM manufacturer of custom stainless steel processing equipment and a preferred provider of quality products and services to the cheese, dairy, food, beverage and other sanitary industries.

The customer’s diary processing equipment required an Industrial Panel PC that operators can interface with while wearing gloves.

Another major requirement is that the touchscreen PC be IP69K washdown rated to endure the regular cleaning and disinfecting required in the dairy processing industry.

Additionally, for compliance and record keeping, the customer needed to have real time data logging and storage using a 3rd party historian application running on the PC.

Project History
The Solution

The Solution

The customer chose a Maple Systems Stainless Steel Industrial PC with a capacitive touch screen and Windows OS.

The large, clear, bright 15” display provides enough room to display key process indicators and alert if any alarm conditions occur. The capacitive touch screen allows easy interaction with the PC by the operators, even with gloves on.

The customer installed food-industry specific software to create production records and report requirements right on the PC at the workstation. This made it easier to monitor and report key metrics in real time, create electronic date records, and reduce the time it used to take to manually log such data. While the customer had experience with other PC brands, they chose to use Maple Systems Stainless Steel PCs because of the quality and value we are able to deliver. This allowed the OEM to provide a better value proposition to their customers and broaden their target market with their competitive pricing.

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Stainless Steel Panel PCs
Stainless Steel Panel PCs with IP66/IP69K compliant front bezels

Flexible for multiple applications, our rugged 10”, 12”, 15”, 21.5” mountable Stainless Steel Panel PCs feature capacitive touchscreens that withstand even the toughest environments and are ready for high-pressure, high-temperature regular washdowns.

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