KIN-TEK Analytical, Inc. (KIN-TEK) specializes in creating precisely known trace concentration calibration gas standards and test-gas mixtures for use in a wide range of applications. The FlexStreamTM Base Module is the core module of KIN-TEK’s flagship FlexStreamTM calibration gas standard generating system. With the addition of a Maple Systems HMI, the FlexStreamTM is a fully automated, expandable, full capability permeation tube system for generating precision calibration gas mixtures.

Here are just a few of the many Oil & Gas OEMs, System Integrators, and Distributors that use our products:

Spartan ControlsLogo

From production to delivery, today's oil and gas business operations need to perform reliably and safely to deliver real business results, that's why Spartan Controls buys our 7.0" Class 1, Division 2 HMIs.

Detechtion Technologies Logo

Detechtion Technologies is the market leading Industrial IoT and mobile application provider enabling the digital oilfield and buys our extended temperature OITs to support their customers.

Permian Controls Logo

Permian Controls background is oilfield automation and they buy our HMI to support their customers.

Flowco Logo

Flowco buys our Class 1, Division 2 HMI+PLC combo units  and serves oil and gas basins throughout the continental US and is proud to advance the tradition of using high-performance parts and components in all of their artificial lift systems.

Noralta Technologies Logo

Noralta Technologies buys our 12" Industrial PC  and Aveva Edge run-time licenses  to work in partnership with their powerful suite of remote software solutions. Access data, control operations, and monitor site conditions and security anywhere, on any device.

Thunderhorse Automation logo

Thunderhorse Automation buys our 15" HMIs and prides themselves on not only being at the forefront of the latest technology and programming, but also their capability to devise and implement equipment based on their customers needs.

“We like that Maple offers different sized units because it gives customers different price points to choose from, and because we can size different HMIs for different applications. The [HMI configuration] software is powerful and intuitive and makes HMI design simple. Maple support has been very responsive and helpful.”
— Joe Devine, Controls & Programming, UL Verification Services



With a good safety system in place, you can reduce safety incidents by 50%.

Adding a Maple product to monitor for leaks and detect the location of the leak, you are not only increasing safety, but also reducing the cost of unnecessary construction, management, and maintenance.

Our solutions offer large numbers of I/O points that are capable of networking many PLCs, HMIs, and PCs together, bringing you faster, precise communication, and reliable warning signs concerning pipeline leaks.

Oil Pipeline


Monitor temperatures, pressures and flow rates that can suddenly change.

A standard medium to large-size oil refinery houses thousands of pumps and compressors that move, store, and process oil and gases, making it essential for these machines to be in utmost operating condition.

Our products help provide continuous vibration data monitoring to prevent early removal of these components from service before a scheduled maintenance date, which can be very costly in terms of loss of production.

Compressor for oil gas industry


From Platform to the cloud, our products provide the solutions to meet your needs.

Maple products are a key necessity for data collection and real-time operations management. From wellhead to corporate office, our products provide accuracy and reliability for drilling of oil and gas.

Our solutions give you the freedom to work wireless, allowing for added mobility and a better use of your time. A custom screen design with large buttons for gloved hands is just one of the many features that will simplify your workflow.

oil and gas industry platform with data controls


Modern farm using IIoT-in-agriculture technology
Increase Efficency

Automated processes can work 24/7 with occasional outages for maintenance, which is clearly faster than human operators can perform. For this reason, increased efficiency and higher through-put rates are two of the biggest benefits of automation in the food and beverage industry. In addition to elevated efficiency, automation also allows companies to collect valuable data from the production line that can be used to improve maintenance. Predictive maintenance is a new approach to maintenance where real-time data is used to identify potential issues and alert when maintenance is needed – further reducing costs as well as production downtimes.


Remote Access & the IIoT

Maple Systems can serve as your guide, making it an easy process to join the next evolution of automated control. Maple Systems HMIs, Gateways, and Industrial PCs are your gateway to the IIoT. Our products are an access point enabling operating equipment in the field or on the plant floor to connect to information technologies of the World Wide Web, databases, smart phones, analytic software, and more. Achieve better access to invaluable data and open up a world of possibilities for your business.

  • Email notifications for alarms and data backups
  • Remote access/monitoring/control functionality
  • Data logging for more informed decision making
  • Enhanced network security thanks to physically separate dual Ethernet ports
IIoT networking illustration


Connect the Hardware using a Protocol you Know

Free EBPro Programming Software provides easy integration with built-in drivers for over 300 PLCs, including drivers for Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Emerson, Omron, and Panasonic.

Leading PLC manufacturer logos

Industrial Panel PCs


Capacitive, High Brightness, Stainless Steel, and Wi-Fi options to choose from

To effectively and efficiently monitor packaging operations, the need for auto adjustments, and timely and accurate data is critical. You need reliable, current, and historical information to make critical business decisions. As safety and environmental concerns continue to increase, the ability to remotely monitor your facilities and equipment, and quickly make adjustments becomes increasingly important.

High Brightness Industrial Panel PC
High Brightness Industrial Panel PC

We have hundreds of configuration options to choose from:

  • 11 Screen Sizes, 7”-21.5”
  • 6 Intel CPUs
  • 4-32GB Memory
  • 32GB -512GB SSD
  • Optional Wi-Fi Expansion Kit
  • Microsoft Windows OS

If you don't need a display, we offer Industrial Box PCs. Customize your configuration, including Wi-Fi and Raid support options available.

For over 20 years we have proudly partnered with Indusoft Web Studio, now Aveva, as our SCADA software provider. With its powerful development tools that enable you to create supervisory applications that operate on multiple operating system platforms. Create your project using features such as animated screens, alarms, trends, scripting, recipes & reports, and schedule tasks. This software offers the power to create exactly what you want, the way you want it, including 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Industrial touchscren smart IIoT HMIs

Maximize production | Enable manage-by-exceptions | Avoid unnecessary equipment shut down Gather data cost effectively | Prevent costly equipment repairs | Streamline ticketing and invoicing

Touchscreen HMIs


Wi-Fi & Class I, Division 2 Options

Our easy to use HMIs and Free Configuration Software gives you the power and flexibility to tackle your next automation project. With display sizes ranging from 4.3" to 15", diverse options and features such as Wi-Fi, Dual Ethernet, Remote Access, Class 1, Div 2. Our easy to use HMI software allows you to pick and place graphical objects, assign communication (PLC) drivers easily, and access data from these Advanced Human Machine Interfaces.

HMI PLC combo units

These controllers with displays range in size from 4.3”, 7.0”, to 10.2”. I/O modules offer digital inputs and outputs, with analog I/O as well. Our HMI+PLC models are ideal for harsh locations with their Class I, Div 2 rating.



Class I, Division 2

Our HMC series combines a Touch Screen HMI and PLC all in one unit. Utilized worldwide to employ diverse applications, our HMI PLCs lower costs, save space, and feature options including: Serial and Ethernet communication, support for Class I, Division 2 installations, and numerous I/O configurations.

HMI PLCs provide an affordable combination of display and control in a single package and programmed by using our MAPware7000 software, which allows you to have web server functionality, data logging, recipes, graphs, alarms, trending, create objects with multiple tasks, and more.

You can use serial and ethernet communication to remote access via Modbus to expansion I/O, making these controls capable of any size application. Native Ladder/IEC 61131-3. With the only 4.5” and 7" HMCs option for Class 1, Div 2, it's great for small spaces where there is no room for a PLC.

Smart IIoT HMIs


MQTT, OPC UA, Sparkplug B, Ignition, SQL Databases

These loT products are designed to meet the expanding need for new ways to connect to equipment, while still preserving the core function of a fixed operator terminal. Operators are free to remotely monitor and control equipment with any smart/mobile device, from anywhere in the world.

Industrial Smart HMI with IIoT Features
Diagram of HMI data routing for Industrial Internet of Things

Data is an extremely valuable resource that creates immense opportunities for growth and increased profitability. For oil & gas companies, the challenge is to efficiently collect, analyze, and visualize masses of data from SCADA systems, terminals, facilities and safety systems. This data, in turn, supports operational insight and business value—all while improving return on investment.

Alphanumeric OITs


Extended Temperature

Maple Systems Alphanumeric OITs are powerful, affordable operator interface terminals. Our units offer best-in-class features including 2 and 4-line LCD and VFD Displays,16 and 24-key keypads, unique user-definable keypads, and slide-in legends. With the ability to communicate with more than 100 brands of PLCs such as Emerson, GE, Koyo, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Control Microsystems ScadaPack series, and many more; motion controllers, temperature controllers, and embedded microcontrollers, you can easily create the perfect operator interface terminal for your application.

alphanumeric OITs



Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Connect the Hardware using a Protocol you Know

Maple Systems offers all the components you need to create your own unique level of supervisory data acquisition and control, from the simplest stand-alone machine to sophisticated multi-device networked production line(s), all the way to enterprise-level operations and IIoT functionalities leveraging cloud connectivity.

Log data from your devices to aid in reporting, to gain efficiencies, reduce downtime, and plan for routine maintenance. Add additional IIoT functionality like MQTT, OPC UA, Ignition, SQL database integration, and more. Our products can help you standardize communications between devices, gluing different systems together for one source to your SCADA. No need to redesign your entire application.

Keep the components that are already working for you, just add Maple Systems components to grow your abilities to supervise, control, and acquire data.

To learn more about how our products work together to create scalable SCADA solutions, visit our SCADA solutions page.

SCADA software on a computer screen