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Converting from HMI5104TH to a new Maple Systems HMI

It’s easy to upgrade your HMI5104TH to one of the newest HMIs that Maple Systems has to offer.


Refer to our Compare Models table for an easy visual list of differences between our current models when considering which HMI as your replacement for the HMI5104TH. Because there are many considerations - including panel-cutout, serial ports, and mounting options to name a few - select your replacement carefully. We do have an adaptor plate that will help some of the newer models fit in the same panel cut-out (see specification for exact cut-out dimensions) as the old HMI5104TH, 1420-5002.

Tech Note 5117, “Converting from the HMI5104TH to a new Maple Systems HMI” offers step-by-step instructions on how to convert your project from EZware5000 to EBPro, as well as, cable pin-out diagrams to help with your conversion.

You may need to purchase a new serial cable from the HMI to your PLC device. The new controller communication cable's part number will depend on your PLC. Most cables are $55 each. See our List of Communication Cables.


The HMI5104TH was programmed with EZware-5000. All of our current HMIs are configured using our EBPro software. EBPro is free and offers more features than EZware-5000 and will enable you to enhance your projects, or design new projects with features such as:

  • Automated email alerts
  • Screenshots, data logging, and recipes
  • Enhanced security
  • Remote control and monitoring using EasyAccess 2.0
  • IIoT protocols such as MQTT
  • Support for even more PLCs and controllers

You can quickly convert and import your existing EZware-5000 project into EBPro with a few simple steps.
  1. Download both software version FREE from our Support Center
  2. Follow Tech Note 5092 to convert your project

And if you need additional help, we can help with that, too. Contact us at sales@maplesystems.com for more information.

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