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Replace Costly Pushbutton Panels with Maple HMIs

Those of you that are familiar with controls systems have seen some of the benefits that can be gained when using a human machine interface (HMI) vs using a simple pushbutton control panel. While a pushbutton panel is easily understood and simple, it can be limited in the level of complexity of the systems it can handle. Our Basic HMIs take the place of LEDs, On/Off buttons, switches or any mechanical device that performs an operator interface function. Eliminating these mechanical devices is possible because the HMI can provide a visual representation of the devices on its LCD screen yet performs the same functions.

Plants have been running for years using pushbutton equipment control. This method is well understood by the people who operate these systems and their efficiency is directly tied to the experience, proficiency and focus of the operator. An HMI can streamline manufacturing processes by centralizing all functions of each button into one location.

As factory processes and control systems grow more complex, it is apparent that having a graphical display on control panels becomes the best solution in almost all cases. Also, systems that need to communicate with each other, require a display in order to run efficiently. In most cases, an entire system with multiple pieces of equipment can be run from one well integrated HMI display.

While we do recommend retrofitting an older pushbutton panel to an HMI display in order to gain the advantages of an HMI, there are many things to consider:
  • Complexity of the project (Conversion and Application Engineering available)
  • Ease and cost of the software (our HMI software is FREE)
  • Technical support provided by vendor (Free online and live support for our customers)
  • Product warranty (a full 2-years on most HMIs)
  • The experience of the typical user (Training videos and webinars available)
  • Environmental aspects such as noise, lighting, dust, vision, and technological curves when choosing your HMI. All Basic HMI models are IP65/NEMA 4, CE, and RoHS certified.

HMIs can reduce product manufacturing costs, potentially increase profit margins, and lower production costs. Our Basic HMIs can fully support very complex applications, with multiple screens and several routines running.

User friendly

Color coding for easy identification (for example: red for trouble).
Pictures and icons allow for fast recognition.

Our Basic Series provides a high-quality display for applications requiring straight-forward HMI functionality at a great price.

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