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Award-winning AVEVA Edge is a powerful HMI/SCADA software package that enables you to create custom industrial control applications for your unique industry. With easy-to-use commands/tool bars and a Microsoft Windows® environment, AVEVA Edge's feature-rich application puts you in the driver's seat of creating your industrial process.

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AVEVA Edge Overview

AVEVA Edge, formerly known as Indusoft Web Studio, is a powerful HMI/SCADA software package for a wide range of industrial applications.

AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software, offering solutions for Monitoring and Control, Asset Performance Management, Intelligent Performance, and other segments. The product brand name transition from InduSoft Web Studio to AVEVA Edge marks the adoption of the AVEVA brand but also introduces our customers to the broader AVEVA ecosystem and its benefits. Even though AVEVA Edge can still be used as a stand-alone solution (HMI, SCADA, IIoT gateway), the integration with the AVEVA portfolio enables our customers to access a much broader and sophisticated set of solutions for their needs. The brand alignment is just one factor that will facilitate our customers realize the benefits from using AVEVA Edge as an integral part of the AVEVA portfolio.
Aveva Edge development software supports Windows Operating Systems and is used to create the project that resides on the operator interface and operates the target industrial system. In addition to the Panel PC and the user-created application project, each target system requires one Aveva Edge runtime license in order to operate the project.

Aveva Edge is completely scalable, meaning that an application built for a Windows mobile device can be scaled up to run on a Windows Server edition, and vice versa. Aveva Edge embedded is a full featured HMI SCADA software with a small footprint.

Web Studio to Aveva Edge
Projects built with any version of InduSoft Web Studio are 100% compatible with AVEVA Edge (no conversion required). Projects built with AVEVA Edge are not compatible with InduSoft Web Studio.

Customers can request a replacement of licenses for InduSoft Web Studio to AVEVA Edge.
  • Customers can upgrade licenses for older versions of InduSoft Web Studio to newer versions of AVEVA Edge paying only the version upgrade fee. Customers with a license under a valid (not expired) maintenance program (AMSP for InduSoft Web Studio or CF for AVEVA Edge) are eligible to version upgrades at no additional cost.
Try Before You Buy
Download a free evaluation of Aveva Edge before you buy it. Aveva Edge's evaluation version gives you 40 hours of (non-continuous) full access to all the features of the software. Create your own application and experiment to your heart's content – even download projects and run them on a target system during the evaluation period. After taking the software for a test drive, Maple Systems can help you determine exactly what Aveva Edge configuration you need.

AVEVA Edge® (formerly Web Studio) Features
Alarms and Events:
Alert operators to critical conditions using the alarm feature:
  • Organize by groups and priority
  • Save alarm data to disk (including Compact Flash)
  • Alarm format can be customized
  • Keep track of total numbers of alarms and unacknowledged alarms
  • Send emails about alarms
Take command over graphics in a user friendly and intuitive interface. Paste images, and even rotate dynamically using custom rotation points. Fill bar graphs with color or adjust the scale of objects with easy-to-use configuration. Other animations include ‘command’ (for touch, keyboard and mouse interaction), hyperlink, text data link, color, resize, transparency, and position.

Bar Graphs:
Versatile bar graphs can be customized to display meaningful data such as tank levels. Bar graphs can use color, and can move up, down, left, or right. You may also configure an ellipse or rectangle as a bar graph.

Business intelligence:
Transform raw data into meaningful information. Design custom dashboards in minutes with the Aveva Edge (formerly InduSoft Web Studio).

Connect to any SQL database (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle), or Microsoft Access or Excel, and ERP/MES systems (including SAP), even from Windows Embedded Compact Edition. The flexible built-in interface doesn’t require knowledge of SQL. A patented solution allows for communication with SQL and relational databases running on any supported platform.

Use over 250 native communication drivers for PLCs, temperature controllers, motion controllers, bar code/2D/RFID readers, and many others such as MQTT (with Sparkplug B) and robots. Use native drivers, connect to an OPC server, or use AVEVA driver toolkits even to build your own drivers. Save time with comprehensive tag integration.

Send email (with attachments) or text messages that can be accessed from mobile devices. Get real-time information on alarms, process values, and other events. Full runtime supports SSL encryption.

Ensure traceability for operator-initiated actions or internal system activities. Log events such as security system changes (user logon or off), screen open/close, recipe/report operations, system warnings, and any tag value changes, including custom messages.

FDA traceability:
Take advantage of built-in functionality to create 21 CFR part 11 compliant projects with traceability and e-signatures. These features are often used for pharmaceutical and food applications but can be used for any application where traceability is a requirement.

Automatically upload or download files during runtime to/from remote storage locations using the FTP protocol and flexible scripting functions. Configure FTP via scripting or the included interface.

Graphics and design tools:
Create screens to meet any application requirement using the tools in our graphic editors. Combine, animate objects to create any functionality required. Use the hundreds of symbols included Industrial Graphics libraries, and easily make projects across a product line share a consistent “look and feel”.

The trend history is optimized, featuring data decimation designed to load millions of values from SQL Relational Databases. Easy to use tools provide quick access to Statistical Process Control (SPC) values without any need for programming. InduSoft Web Studio offers add-on integration with the AVEVA™ Historian and support for AVEVA™ Insight.

Import wizards:
Convert whole applications from FactoryTalk™ ME/SE, PanelMate™, or PanelBuilder™32. Save time in conversion from a previously designed application to an Aveva Edge (formerly InduSoft Web Studio) application. Additional license required.

Intellectual property protection:
Protect your intellectual property with just a few mouse clicks. Screens, documents, scripts and worksheets can be individually password protected. This prevents unauthorized viewing or editing of your project or application.

JavaScript custom widgets:
Custom Widgets integrate 3rd party, reusable JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS interfaces properties and events to expand and enhance the graphical interface.

Mobile access:
A multiple document interface for this thin client allows you to access your graphical interface from any device with a browser that supports HTML5, such as iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows devices, and others. Aveva Edge includes support for Industrial Graphics and all native objects and allows you to integrate 3rd party web-based controls.

Develop your application in one of many development languages, including English, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Japanese and Spanish, or use translation tools to switch the runtime to any language. Aveva Edge offers automatic font replacement based on the language selected.

Multi-touch interface:
Develop applications for touch screen devices. Aveva Edge’s multi-touch interface allows development for any touch-screen enabled device. Use familiar, modern interface gestures, like pinch zooming and panning. Scroll through alarms using swiping gestures; inertia in the multi-touch interface offers a comfortable user experience. Rotate graphics, dock screens, and take advantage of features like dual-touch command. Swipe gestures to change screens or other commands.

.NET and ActiveX:
Use 3rd party controls to enhance your project. Aveva Edge is a container for ActiveX and .NET controls, allowing you to add functionality such as browsers, media players, charting, live streaming from cameras, and other ActiveX or .NET controls.

Aveva Edge can be customized for OEMs who want to offer pre-installed HMI or SCADA software on their hardware, or for OEMs who want to add value to their machines by offering remote monitoring, maintenance, or customizable applications.

Aveva Edge provides native OPC interfaces, such as OPC UA (Client/Server), OPC DA (Client/Server), OPC XML (Client), and OPC HDA (Server). OPC UA and OPC DA also offers native redundancy configuration and tag integration for OPC DA and OPC UA Servers.

PDF export:
Send Alarms, Reports, or any file to a production supervisor, quality manager, or maintenance staff using the included PDF writer.

Save time and maintain consistency by automating part parameters or production quantities with flexible recipe management tools. Options including loading directly to PLC or edit before committing to PLC.

For critical applications where data is vital, Aveva Edge supports web server, database and overall system redundancy to protect your information.

Create clear, concise reports in plain text, RTF, XML, PDF, HTML, and CSV or integrate with Microsoft Office programs such as Excel. Get the data you need, in the format you need it, to make informed decisions, fast. AVEVA has also partnered with Ocean Data Systems to offer further reporting capabilities through Dream Report *.

When ordering Aveva Edge, one runtime license is included with the development software. Additional runtime licenses are required for every Industrial PC.
  • The development software is used to create projects that can be downloaded to a Maple Systems Panel PC.
  • The runtime license allows a Aveva Edge project to run on a Maple Systems Industrial Panel or Box PC running a Windows Operating Systems.

Use the same development environment to design and deploy projects to a wide range of platforms, such as Linux, Windows Embedded Standard, Windows Embedded Compact, Windows 8., Windows 10, Server 2012, Server 2016 and Server 2019 editions.

Schedule application behavior triggered by tag changes, date/time, frequency, or any trigger. Use this for simulation, to trigger reports or other functionality at a particular time of day, or even to trigger driver worksheets to read/write at a scan rate you choose.

Three powerful scripting languages are supported; built-in AVEVA functions, Industrial Graphics Quick Script and standard VBScript. Take advantage of widely available resources for VBScript. The scripting languages can be used simultaneously to give you the functionality you need, even from thin clients. Script debugging tools for the native VBScript editor include breakpoints, and a variable watch list to improve scripting productivity.

Aveva Edge includes support for group and user accounts, e-signatures, and traceability. Integrate your project to the Active Directory (Users and Groups).

Use common standards to develop applications that are compatible with TCP/ IP, .NET, ActiveX, OPC (client and server), ADO/ODBC, COM/ DCOM, OLE, DDE, XML, SOAP, and HTML5.

The included libraries feature push buttons, pilot lights, tanks, sliders, meters, motors, pipes, valves and other common objects. Use the 1,000+ included symbols in your project, modify existing symbols to suit your needs, or create your own from scratch. Aveva Edge supports 3rd party symbol libraries and graphic tools.

Aveva Edge has several plug and play templates available including: Andon, OEE, and PackML.

Tag database:
Aveva Edge features an object-oriented database with boolean, integer, real, strings, arrays, classes (structures), indirect tags and included system tags. Built-in functions allow you to create, delete, or modify the tags database settings during the runtime. This feature increases the flexibility to design generic templates that can be easily customized to each project, even during the runtime. Aveva Edge also offers tag integration from a wide range of PLCs, including Schneider Electric.

Thin Clients:
Provides remote access to the application from other devices. Supports three types of remote application viewers: Secure Viewer, Microsoft Internet Explorer-based browser, and Studio Mobile Access (SMA) for smart phones and tablets.

Real-time and Historical trends, and SPC functionality are supported. Log data in binary format, or to any local or remote SQL database and optionally to AVEVA Historian (additional licenses required). Color or fill trends with graphic elements to enhance clarity of data. Date/Time based or numeric (X/Y plot) trends give you the flexibility to display information that best suits your application. Aveva Edge supports vertical and horizontal trending.

Quickly debug and verify a project using local and remote tools for troubleshooting, including status fields, HTML5 based Watch Window for IoT View, Watch Window and LogWin. Capture screen open and close times, see communications in real-time, messages related to OPC, recipes/reports, security, database errors and even custom messages. Finish your project quickly using these powerful tools.

XML screen toolkit:
Modify or create screens during the runtime or import screens that you have created. This feature is available as an add-on.

XY Plots:
Interpret data using customized XY plots that plot one value against another

Web Solutions:
Aveva Edge provides a state-of-the-art web solution, the ability to view screens and monitor online history data from the Industrial Panel PC on any remote station (from PDAs to PCs) using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Send commands and set points to the Industrial Panel PC from the web thin client using optional security restrictions.
  • Enable automatic emails from the Industrial Panel PC to a web thin client
  • Supports Active X controls for easier interfacing with web thin clients

Customer First Software Maintenance Program

Under the InduSoft brand, the technical support plan was called “Annual Software Maintenance Program” (ASMP), under the Aveva Edge brand it is now called “Customer FIRST” (CF).

Customers that had purchased a Standard ASMP for their InduSoft Web Studio licenses will automatically be enrolled in the AVEVA CF Premium program. Upon expiration of the current agreement, customers can renew the agreement under the standard AVEVA CF Premium program (for the applicable fee).
Effective 4/1/2022, a Customer First Support Agreement is required to receive technical support for InduSoft Webstudio or Aveva Edge licenses through Aveva. Maple Systems does not provide technical support for InduSoft or Aveva Edge.

How to access Customer Support
Customers must register into the AVEVA Knowledge & Support Center to benefit from the AVEVA GCS CF Program on any level, including CF Basic.

Additionally, registering on the AVEVA Knowledge & Support Center will expedite any calls into the AVEVA Customer FIRST support center by not requiring this information to be completed at the beginning of the support call.

1. How to register in the AVEVA Knowledge & Support Center
  • Access the AVEVA Knowledge & Support Center website, currently available at https://softwaresupport.aveva.com/
  • Click on the Register button to go to a Registration web page. If you have already registered, simply click on the Sign-In button, and enter your user name and password to sign-in.
  • Fill in the online registration form. Most fields are self-explanatory, but the list below provides specific remarks about some fields:
    • Customer FIRST Contract Number: Leave in blank if you do not have this information. In this case, please make sure to fill the fields under Your Location (Company Name, Address 1, etc), so your credentials can be associated with your company/site and its CF Level.
    • Primary Product Line of interest for Support website access: Select Wonderware.
    • Special Instructions: Enter “AVEVA Edge” or “InduSoft Web Studio” in this field, according to the product that you are currently using.
  • Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button to submit your form.

2. Using the AVEVA Knowledge & Support Center
After registering, you can access the AVEVA Knowledge & Support Center web site (https://softwaresupport.aveva.com/), click on the Sign-In button and enter your user name and password to sign-in.

A few business days after registering into the AVEVA Knowledge & Support Center, you should be assigned a unique Technical Support User ID number and receive this information via email. This number will also be displayed on the upper right corner of the AVEVA Knowledge & Support Center page after signing in.

The AVEVA Knowledge & Support Center provides useful interfaces as tools, such as:
  • Ability to check the status of Support Tickets (Case Management)
  • Ability to download the installation setup for the products (Product Hub)
  • Ability to download the installation setup for communication drivers (Communication Drivers)
  • Access to technical notes, manuals, videos, and forums with useful information about the products.

You can use the Search box on the top of the page to access information you are looking for. For example, you can type “AVEVA Edge” or “InduSoft Web Studio” to find a list of information associated with these product brands.

In order to narrow the search, you can also use the filter options available when clicking on the tiles from the main home page (e.g.: Product Hub) and click on the Apply button.

3. How to contact Technical Support
There are different methods for contacting our technical support team:

To make efficient use of your time when you contact your AVEVA Global Customer Support Center to request technical support, please have the following information on hand:
  • Your unique Technical Support User ID
  • The assigned case number if your call relates to an open issue
  • Software version/hardware model (where applicable)

Supported Hardware

Industrial PCs are designed to resolve your toughest automation challenges in manufacturing, processing, and fabrication environments. All our Industrial PCs are full-strength industrial computers and can operate any Windows® Software, or powerful SCADA software such as Aveva Edge®. There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right Industrial PC, and the right solution for you will depend largely on your unique situation. It is important to fully understand how each of these factors will impact your timeline, budget, and hardware options.

When you combine a Maple System Industrial Panel PC or Box PC with award-winning Aveva Edge Software you will have one of the most powerful industrial control, monitoring, and SCADA tools available. Maple's award-winning touchscreens offer everything you need in an industrial computer, including high-quality components, impressive connectivity, fast processors, and clear high-contrast displays.

Maple PCs

With several series to choose from, we have the size and functionality you need. Visit our Industrial Panel PCs page for more information.


Aveva Edge (formerly Web Studio) delivers the capability to literally accomplish any control/monitoring/SCADA task and it can be applied in an infinite number of ways. Below are just a few examples of how Web Studio (now Aveva Edge) can be applied to improve a process.

Building Automation
From foundation to roof, AVEVA Edge can provide concise monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting, security, and energy management systems, and it unifies them into one cohesive system.  Read Article

Water and Wastewater
Engineers integrate AVEVA Edge into their water treatment facilities giving full control and monitoring functionality to their entire process.  Read Article

Oil and Gas
Simplicity of developing applications with AVEVA Edge has maximized engineering productivity in the development of Oil & Gas SCADA applications.  Read Article

Packaging Control and Automation
AVEVA Edge can provide you optimal solutions for accumulating, capping, cartoning, case/tray, material handling, feeding, form/fill/seal, inspecting, Packaging and wrapping.  Read Article

Wind Power
Utilize AVEVA Edge for the entire wind generation process including: remote monitoring, shaft vibration, battery status, wind speed, automatic maintenance dispatch, break status, pitch and yaw settings.  Read Article

Solar Power
AVEVA Edge provides solutions in the solar industry including: power output, remote monitoring, charging status, sun angles, automatic maintenance dispatch, and angular rotation.  Read Article

AVEVA Edge is an excellent option for process control solutions for deposition, removal, patterning, mounting, and device testing.  Read Article