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Why use a Capacitive Touch Screen PC in an Industrial Application?

Almost every cell phone, tablet, and consumer touch screen computer sold in the last decade uses a capacitive touch screen and has forever changed the way people naturally interact with screens. Up until now, the industrial market has been slow to transition from the traditional resistive touch screen to the newer capacitive technology but as people become even more accustomed to how they interact with their cell phone, their first interaction with a control system that uses resistive touch can feel unnatural - they have to press hard on the screen, they can't scroll, pinch, or zoom-in on screen objects.

Enter Capacitive Touch Screen PCs for Industrial Applications!

Maple Systems new line of Capacitive Touch Screen Industrial PCs are battle tested, designed specifically for industrial applications to provide a more natural interaction for the end user, and open up new features/flexibility for the program designer to improve the look and feel of their user interface.

Application Examples

Operator interfacing with Capacitive Industrial Computer
  • Zoom-in on pictures/video taken by inspection cameras right there on the screen. No need to get out a mouse/keyboard to get a closer look.
  • Scroll through on-screen operator instruction documents, help files, web sites, and other computer programs naturally.
  • Use sliders to control analog outputs.
  • Use with a stylus with very little pressure applied
  • Enhanced User Safety and security by requiring multiple touch points on screen before operating dangerous mechanisms – preventing accidentally screen touches which can occur when using resistive touch screens.

Can also be used in harsh environments

Combining the capacitive touch technology and an IP65 ingress protection rating, this industrial pc line can be used in harsh environments where water/liquid is hitting the screen, without the screen accidently being activated.
Industrial Application with spraying water
  • Use with gloves

Many capacitive touch screens can't be used with gloves unless the gloves are specifically designed for capacitive touch screens but these PCs use projected capacitive touch which allow you to use regular rubber gloves if your operators are required to do so.
Capacitive Touch Screen being used with gloves

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